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tl;dr, Vol. 3: Helping Settle the Glitter

At first, the clinical psychologist looked askance at the school counsellor’s seemingly childish prop.  But then she thought again… Sitting right there was an elegant model of the neurology of the distressed teenager. Early in adolescence, the brain gets remodeled to...

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I Still Hate Facebook. And Google.

Even though the platform keeps me updated on people’s birthdays, it seems that every week brings a new revelation about Facebook mischief.  Society-corroding mischief!  (And it’s not like Facebook contributes to public discourse.  No one was ever convinced of anything...

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tl;dr, Vol. 1

This newsletter was designed to share useful information about ADRABA or compelling ideas with you, our kehillah.  But sometimes, one need not elaborate too much.  And so, I’m introducing a new feature: tl;dr - too long, didn’t read - where I share something from the...

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About Last Night

Despite the horrid weather, interested parents filled our gracious host’s living room with good cheer and great questions.  I will not speak for those present, but I found the evening very informative.  I learned a lot about what parents are thinking about and how...

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Spreading the Word the Traditional Way

AVI CHAI begins its final year as an organization, providing generous support to initiatives in Jewish education.  ADRABA will always be grateful for their inspiration and encouragement in launching our bold endeavour.  And so, to paraphrase Rava (Shavuot 23a): “Let’s...

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I love smartphones. I just HATE Facebook.

And Instagram.  And Twitter.   And when I say I hate them, I don’t mean I hate the service they provide.  ADRABA has accounts on all three platforms.  (In 2019, one sort of has to…)  I hate how these entities turned what are mostly useful tools into...

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Rinse and Repeat

I think we’ve all had experiences in life with vicious cycles.  We hit a momentary lull in the day, so we eat something sugary for a quick burst of energy, but then, two hours later, we crash.  So, off we go, again, to eat something sugary for that quick burst, and...

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“Why don’t we have both?” – Part 2

[Previously, in Newsletter #13, I highlighted how, at ADRABA, we don’t have to fall prey to the old saw about blended learning and how we have to choose  between technology and teachers.  We can have both!  For the complete post, click here.  And now, Newsletter #16…...

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