If you’re on the fence about ADRABA

wondering if our “blended Jewish” approach is for you,


you should apply to Toronto’s newest,

cutting-edgiest, blended-learningest Jewish high school:

You'll learn to think.

We are blessed with abundant, rich, Jewish content. There are thousands of years worth of texts, traditions, and values! But rote learning will not make you a literate Jew. Learning to the test will not make your life better. Do you know what will?  Exploring how to think about all that Jewish stuff and its relevance to your life. That’s what an ADRABA education is designed to do – from day one.

You'll learn to do.

The Talmud (Kiddushin 40b) tells of a gathering of great rabbis in the loft of Nitza’s house in Lod. A question was asked of them: Which is greater? Study or action? One answered study. Another answered action. However, “[e]veryone answered and said: Study is greater, as study leads to action.”  At ADRABA, we structure learning so it exists not just for its own sake, but to improve the lives of the learner and their community.

You'll learn the future.

Learning has changed – and we’ve designed a school to reflect that. We still have excellent teachers to spark interest, frame questions and help learners find answers. But with technology, learners can do more than what the traditional classroom can manage. At ADRABA, the classroom walls move. There is no bell to tell us when we begin and end learning. And, most importantly, how we learn is as individualized as the fingerprint that unlocks our phone. 

Here’s a fourth reason:

Applying should take you, maybe, five minutes.

Cost: $613

Early-Bird Deadline: July 19

On-Time-Bird Deadline: August 19

Classes begin September 16.

We meet twice a week, from 3:40 – 6:00pm

at the Hartman Beit Midrash

(2nd floor, Congregation Beth Torah)

and at a location TBD…

Open to any keen high school teen!

Secure your spot!  

No commitment required. 

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ADRABA offers 21st century learning using a combination of teacher and technology. We designed and built our school to ensure success for every type of learner. But not only do we want to engage your child as a learner, we want to inspire them to new levels of Jewish literacy and involvement in our community. Together, we can secure the Jewish future.