Levels of Support

Let’s start with the easiest and work our way up.

First, be our evangelist.  This sounds like a serious time commitment – but it’s really all about sharing.  When you’re meeting a friend for coffee, catch up then tell them something neat about ADRABA.  Share our FB or Instagram posts with your networks.  Accost random strangers and tell them ADRABA is magic.

Second, volunteer at ADRABA.  The gift of your time and attention is immeasurable and sends the message that you care.  Volunteering is an act of ḥesed, and regarded by 9 out of 10 rabbis as a mitzvah!  Also, the more you volunteer, the happier and more self-confident you’ll feel!

Third, the next time you go to your local coffee shop, perhaps to meet up with that friend, be mindful of how much you spend on the caffeinated beverage of your choice.  Then, “buy us a coffee” either on a one time or monthly basis through our fundraising page

Fourth finds us in the usual space of a larger (than a cup of coffee) donation on a one-time or monthly basis. 

Again, feel free to drop us a note at info@adraba.ca and we will help with the arrangements.

We will have our fundraising page set up in the coming weeks. 

Drop us a note at info@adraba.ca and we will let you know when our fundraising page goes live.

If you feel that you’ve given enough through tuition, fair enough. 

Why not suggest to the friend you invited for coffee to “buy the next round” for ADRABA?