Why support us?

We all want to live in a vibrant kehillah. 

What makes our kehillah the biggest and best in Canada is its richness and diversity.  We have synagogues affiliated with every major denomination as well as dozens of “mini-gogues” all across the GTA. 

We have eleven youth groups and six Jewish summer camps.

We have a network of bustling community centres anchoring the community in three distinct parts of the city. 

Our Federation is one of the most active in North America.

We have 15 Jewish day schools feeding students into six high schools. 

Isn’t that enough? 


Why support ADRABA?

We have THREE answers.



ADRABA makes Toronto’s Jewish ecosystem even more robust.  We all benefit when institutions of differing perspectives and sizes work and grow together.


Choice is good.  By bringing a different approach to Jewish learning, ADRABA provides young Jews with even more opportunities to engage our tradition, values, history and language.


ADRABA’s blended Jewish approach and focus on MAJESTY is doing high school differently.  ADRABA is designed for the 21st century and for sustainability.

Why should we care about the future of Jewish education?


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